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I’ve been focused lately on my new job at RedDoor, it’s been a very cool journey so far as we gain visibility and a bunch of new users.

We have two different apps, one for home buyers and the other one for real estate agents, so it’s a very interesting work in parallel from a design and product perspective. The mortgage industry is something I never imagined working on, it’s been challenging and very exciting at the same time.

One of our goals at RedDoor is to help agents to engage with home buyers in a meaningful way, so we are introducing a new feature that will allow agents to share financing options for specific properties with their buyers. When the buyer receives a link, they can see the agent information including property information, and loan option with the best conditions.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep sharing updates of both products. We’re also preparing a user testing session in SF for an upcoming feature, can’t wait to share it.

Make sure to check the Hero app out here!

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